1.    I will check the show website, http://mhstheater.org, at least once a day and show up to all scheduled rehearsals, arriving at least ten minutes beforehand.

2.    If I cannot attend a rehearsal, I will notify Mrs. Blanchard as soon as I am aware of the conflict.

3.    I will treat my fellow actors with respect, kindness, and caring, realizing that we are part of a team and must support each other.

4.    I pledge to not talk on the stage during breaks between running lines.  I understand that even whispering is disruptive to the entire rehearsal.

5.    I pledge to not talk while in the seats of the Auditorium during rehearsals.  I understand that my first warning will be to move my seat; my second warning will be leaving the auditorium.  If I continue to be disruptive, I will be asked to leave the production.

6.    I pledge to not bring food or drinks into the Auditorium or the Band Room; food should be consumed only in the Caf.

7.    I will be responsible for cleaning up any area I use as part of the production – including the Auditorium, Band Room, Caf, and hallways – even if the trash is not mine.

8.    I will treat my costume with care – hanging up large items on the costume rack and folding/keeping other items in my box.

9.    I will return any props to the correct box after I’ve used them on stage; I pledge to not take props out of their boxes unless instructed to do so.

10.    I understand that many adults have volunteered their time so that I can participate in this production; I will treat them all with respect and courtesy.