Peter and the Starcatcher Rehearsals Begin!

*All will be in the auditorium except music rehearsals with Joe, which will be in the music room.

**Reminders to all**:

  • Whatever is listed as start time, means on stage, starting, not, starting to arrive. This way we’ll be able to keep to our schedule.
  • No talking, food or drink in the auditorium.
  • No cell phones in the auditorium.
  • All your personal effects can be kept in the band room-neatly along the large white table by the window.
  • Please bring pencils and scripts to mark your blocking and any notes. If you are in the ensemble groups, we will try and get you your script segments this coming week.


Feb. schedule for Peter!
 (vacation week-just for a heads up!!)
Painting of sets-Tu-Fri and poss. Sat. Contact Savannah’s mom for times. I’m sure they’d love help if you like to paint!
Tech and Stage crews-check with your adult leaders for days/times

Friday – Feb 24

9:30-10  music for Mermaid Outta Me w/ Joe

10-11/11:30  Mermaid outta me dance w/ Joe and Jan

10-10:50  Molly, Prentiss,Ted and lost boys figure out an interesting path for 1/6 and go over it several times til auto-pilot  p. 37

10:30-10:45  Smee work on Ukulele Smee with Joe in band room

10:30-11:30  stage crew meet with Mrs. B to go over:  1/8 p. 44 boat bits, same p. 42, p. 91 in 2/4 Mr. grin bit, 1/1 p. 7-14 cat bits, pl. 66 trunk/water, squirt guns

10:45-11:30  time with Joe to go over any songs/parts that you need in the band room

11:30-noon  break/lunch/share pizza,

noon-12:20 Coming Down the Mountain music with Joe

12:20-1:30   Ted/Prentiss, practice 3 Stooges back bump (3 min)
Coming Down the Mountain movement  w/ Joe, Jan, Mrs. B and Mr. C if he’s available

1:30-2:30   all pirates and sailors work with Mrs. B on following:
1/1 mvt-mid. p 7, prologue bits/characters/jobs-p. 4-6, right into 1/1 song/mvt. p.14, hallway bits, British soldier marching bit  (Hurricano-except fencers), 1/5 beg. look, go over fake rope door, etc.

1:30-2  Stache, Smee, Sanchez, run lines for 1/7

1:30-2:30 everyone work on lines if not in above-til you’ve got them down really well, leads with lines in 2/10 p. 120 on-go over those first!

2:30-3  we run 1/1 with all music/movement/lines

3-4  all in 1/10–work through p. 52-61 first (including all ensemble-this has the boxing, etc.), then go to p. 61-69 where only those with lines need to stay

Saturday – Feb 25

* Joe, if you can come to any/all these scenes and play the underscore music so we can get an idea for tempo/you for cuts/vamps, etc. that’d be awesome-totally understand if you can’t-just let me know. Thanks!

9:30-9:45   all mollusks–go over characters and facial expressions to be used 2/2, chase, 2/6 and 2/7 especially–Lucas leads (in ramp)

9:30-10:15  everyone who sings Swim On work with Joe on that song in band room

10:15-10:45  run 1/4

10:45-11:15  run 1/3

11:15-11:35  run 1/7

11:35-12:15/30  run 1/5  (to top p. 30, then skip to p. 32 as Aster not there)

lunch 12:30-1

1-1:30  run 2/1

1:30-2  run 2/7  chase up and down the mountain

2-2:30  run 2/9

2:30-3:30/4  run 2/10  beg. of scene to p. 127 then after Scott’s line, jump to p. 134 @ Narrator Scott line and go til end

It’s essential that everyone attend these rehearsals so that we’re ready to open in a month!
If you are out of state with your family (some have already told me)-it’s really important you let me know.
There will be a more detailed Fri./Sat. schedule coming out Tues night based on what I’ve seen the last 2 days and how rehearsal goes today.
Please plan to be there the whole time on both days, that way if we can let some folks go early-cool, but you’ll be there when needed if you plan the whole time.
There will be music/choreographed movement and acting all going on during those 2 sessions.
Please bring money for shared pizza and a bottle or 2 of water. 
Also, please make sure to really go over your lines before these rehearsals and to work on characterization.
the week after vacation, we start running acts!  Yikes!
Then we have the 2 production weeks (running acts/dress rehearsals/tech night)
Then we open!!!!!!!!!!!