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Donations for the weekend performances – Looking for donations of small bottles of water, cookies, bags of chips, etc…for the weekend performances 3/18 & 3/19. Donations can be dropped off in the cafeteria before each performance. Please contact Kathy Flynn if you are able to help out.




Please click on the link above, fill it out and return it to me with $12 CASH if you would like to attend. I need all forms back by next
Monday, March 20th in order to give a final head count to the caterer for the food. You may also find it on the “FORMS” page).

Christine Boutin




Please find the Kudos and T-shirt forms under the “FORMS” webpage.  Thank you! (Or, click on the “FORMS” page)



Dear Cast:

Just want to clarify that from now until last curtain each of you is expected at all rehearsals starting on time.

Yes, there will be long stretches of doing nothing, and perhaps your scene(s) might not be rehearsed, but we are so far behind (due in large part to absences) and many scenes need extra work, so it is imperative that we have all actors available if we suddenly need to switch the schedule around.

There is plenty to do to save you from boredom –  I always need help in the Costume Vault, you can work on choreography with other actors out on the hall (quietly though!), you could even grab a few buddies and straighten up the Band Room! Do bring your homework, reach a new level on Bejewled, write a letter to your grandma, but please be at every rehearsal. We will excuse your group as early as we can, but we need to start the day with everyone ready to go.

And parents, it will be immensely helpful if these next few weeks can be orthodontist-appointment-free so to speak – when we are missing even one kid, a whole scene suffers. Oh, and dust off that crockpot…(maybe we should have a recipe swap!).

So that I’m sure each cast member understands the importance of attendance, please ping me back at JBCOOK91@GMAIL.COM  (do not hit “reply” to this message) so I know whom to reach for follow up.

Thank you, thank you all for your patience and understanding!



Hi Cast, Crews, Parents, and Production Crew,

First off, as most of you who have been involved with these productions before, this is “go time” for us… while we have experience battling snow days, student illnesses, and other general craziness, this year is especially insane due to Mrs. Blanchard’s current awful illness… and she may be out for awhile.

This being the reality – and with only 21 days before opening night – we really need to buckle down.  Props to all the students who showed up this vacation weekend, cast and crews, and special shout outs to those who stepped up by working on props, directing scenes, helping with costumes, and supporting Jan and Joe.  I know the disorganization was frustrating, but we got it done. Thank you.

In non-alternative facts: it’s going to be a rough ride from here on out!  All of us “assistant directors” will be flying by the seat of our pants in the absence of our fearless leader.  Rehearsals will likely run over; scene rehearsals might be flipped.  You might arrive at the Auditorium at 3:26, thinking your scene will rehearse at 3:30 so you’ll be home for dinner with Aunt Gertie, only to find out that your scene can’t start until 6:05 and the meatloaf will be gone by the time you get home… that’s how it’s going to be these next 21 days.

So please bear with us – we are all trying to make it go as smoothly as possible, but we have other jobs, other non-theater kids, husbands and partners, dogs that need to pee… each and every one of us is doing and will do the best we can.

However! Mrs. B is working from home when she can literally prop herself up in bed; she will send the rehearsal schedule soon.  In the meantime, here are other important dates and times that will occur in the weeks to come:


First, about costumes: every cast member will have a box (or bag for the time being) with his/her name on it.  Please keep all your specific costume pieces in your box unless they need to be hung uup – in that case, please put them to the right of your name on the clothes rack outside the Vault.  It’s your responsibility to keep your costume organized and clean – please don’t trade pieces or pilfer from someone else’s box! 🙂

Bios: Each actor should write a short 3-5 line biography to be included in the program. Please write yours and either email it to me ( or leave it in the box outside the Costume Vault.  The last day to submit your bio will be March 10, but I will start pestering you this Saturday.  Remember… I’ve been known to make them up if I don’t get yours, so get ’em in!

Headshots: I took some pretty crappy pics of most of the cast, but we’re working on getting better ones done.  Emma Stevens might be able to head this project, but she’s been sick so stay tuned.

Advertising: We didn’t have a parent come forward to lead advertising in the programs, so my kid Max Ludwig is heading this up and it needs to be done this week!  He could definitely use the help in visiting local businesses asking for ads. If you – or another non-play Maynard school friend – are interested in helping with this huge task, please email Max at

You have all been so patient in waiting to meet with Mrs. Blanchard.  For now, Steph Duggan (stage crew) and Heather Campbell (tech crew) will be in touch about next steps.  Look for an email from one of them about when you should meet next. Tech night is Thursday, March 10th!

Headshots: Also, we need to take your pictures for the wall outside the theatre.  I took some cast pics but they were awful because (even though I was a photo major) I don’t have the right equipment.  Stay tuned for when you will be needed for your group shot.

T-Shirts: an email will arrive shortly re:ordering t-shirts. Any questions can be directed to Mrs. Ray (

Tickets: will go on presale only for parents of cast/crews staring tomorrow at.  Parents will have exclusive access to tickets Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday, tickets will go “live” to the community, family, and friends.  Sharon Benn is heading up ticket sales and needs volunteers to help man the booth – please email her if you can help during the afternoons and evenings of certain nights through the last show:

T-shirts: Sharon Ray and Kathy Flynn will be sending out notices regarding t-shirt ordering.  They will tell us the price per shirt once they can finalize the colors in the design. Keep an eye out for the order form!

Kudos: If you would like to put a note in the program to acknowledge your amazing kid, forms will be available at the ticket booth, on the website, and through your kids starting around Tuesday. Please complete the form and include payment in an envelope marked “Kudos!” and put it in the box outside the Costume Vault.  The last day to submit a kudo is March 10th.

Props needed:  We need several items as props for the show that we, to date, haven’t found.  If you can lend (or give) any of the following, please contact Nan Stevens ( 2 model ships, wooden barrels, old bucket, an old B&W newspaper, fake straight razor, 2 plastic dill pickels, and 6 large rubber fish.

Tech Night: is Thursday, March 10th and we’ll need food!  If you can cook or bring something for all the hungry kids, it would be most appreciated.  A sign-up email will be coming soon.

Food for Intermissions: you will soon see an email from this crew soon about what types of snacks we will need for selling at Intermission.  You can make something, or you can buy something to donate.

Okay – I’m sure I’ve missed something but both the Oscars and Stache’s suit are calling for my attention!  Please feel free to ask me any questions via (remember not to respond to this email directly), though keep in mind that I work from 8 to 3 every day so it might take me awhile to reply.

Also, please keep checking the website daily!

Thank you all so much!

Jennie Cook


Hi parents:
We will start the Costume Crafting Extravaganza this week if you are interested in helping! Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:15 to 5:00 we’ll be whipping out the glue guns to make mermaid crowns and bodices, and mollusk spears and costumes. If you have any fakes leaves, shells, and/or rhinestones, please bring ‘m to the Auditorium hallway outside the Costume Vault. If you would prefer to show off your organizing skills, we also need help hanging up clothes, switching things to plastic hangers, and rummaging through bins for costume pieces. Please email Jennie directly at if you have any questions. Thank you!



Please visit the web page for more information or click on the link:  Parent Help




Please click on the links or visit the web page. Thank you!

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